Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Whilton to Blisworth.

Last night we read through our respective Blogs/Logs (D keeps a written one) and thought we would recreate our original trip on Ubique which took us to the mouth of the Blisworth tunnel.

Leaving Whilton with this veritable waterfall cascading over the gates of the bottom lock,

we were soon back in "canal country".

Albeit chilly today we were sheltered from most of the wind by an abundance of trees, this lead to a very pleasant days chug indeed. Combining that with some (lots of) wood collecting, today was a good day, a very good day.

This tree was alight in the autumn sun, the colours of these things at this time of year are spectacular to say the least.

Colours of a different sort, these four people (cant tell if male or female) were each painting a leg of this pylon.
Oh that must have been cold up there in the wind, we think they started at the top and are painting it grey, they could just have easily started at the bottom and are painting it brown...ish.
Next time through here will tell.

Another one for my list of odd boat names.

May Contain Nuts.....Love it!!

Until next time.......................

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