Saturday, 3 October 2009

Nuneaton. Staying put Again.

Today the weather is blowing an absolute gale, so, with all the weekenders and hire craft struggling to get along around here we have wussed out and are staying firmly tied alongside.

Here's another picture of that yard we passed.

That's the top of one boat balanced on the front half of another while another bit looks on.

Great stuff!!

Back at Hawkesbury Junction on the way to Coventry was this tiny office, this is alongside the Stoplock and sporting the old police Blue Lamp.

This building was signed as the old pump house, this housed an engine that pumped water into the canal from a well. The engine had apparently worked for nearly a hundred years at Griff Colliery before being installed here in 1821. The engine was known as "Lady Godiva" and ceased work in 1913, that's getting close to a working life of two hundred years!
Now, that's an engine.

Another well lit long bridge/short tunnel, although no colours this time. This was on the run into Coventry and seems to be kept lit day and night.

Tomorrow, according to the people who stick pins in charts and have a rough guess about the weather, should be very nice.
We shall see, but for now the fire is being re lit.
Cosy, cosy ,cosy.

Until next time.......................

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