Sunday, 4 October 2009

Nuneaton to Atherstone. No Locks.

On the move again today, but it was not a very relaxing chug for a while.

Ubique was behaving as if we were towing another boat behind us, she just would not get along, two trips down the "Weed Hatch" (a tube through the hull that can be opened to give access to the propeller) revealed nothing, although after being down there each time she did get back to normal for a while before practically coming to a stop again.

Lots of fretting later, a good blast in reverse sorted it out for another short while, this worked time after time. What seems to have been happening is the canal is very shallow at the moment and is full of fallen leaves, we must have been plowing through all the dead leaves mud etc and clogging the prop. By the time I had reversed to a stop to check the hatch it would all have gone.


Once more, only five minutes or so from the town and we are thrown back into the countryside.

What a difference a day can make, looks like the weather guessers got it right today.
Ubique was absolutely plastered in white dust this morning, this was blown up from the towpath in the gale, a quick rain storm last night turned it to a nasty mess.

What can you say? Peace in a camera lens.

This isolated old telegraph pole gives some idea of just how many wires followed the canals around.

We are near the top of the Atherstone flight of locks for this afternoon all ready to drop down through in the morning. The deeper water here has shown that there was definately nothing wrong with the boat other than autumn leaves,...... which is a big relief.

Until next time.......................

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