Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Braunston to Rugby. 3 Locks.

Well, the weather guessers have been at it again.

As we left our mooring today we were told by no less than three other boaters (who were only trying to be helpful) that there is a storm on the way.

Are you sure you are going to risk it? We were asked.

One even opened his side door as we passed him and said he was staying put for the next two days until the storm has passed, he wished us luck when we said we were off to Rugby.

This is the morning we set off into, a bit grey, but its not stormy, you can clearly see the sun through the clouds.

This is the evening of the stormy day. The guessers get paid for this sort of thing and people keep on listening to them. A quick look to the Sky's will often tell them what they need to know.

These boats are all on long term moorings near the water point, they have set themselves up by running a hose along the hedge from the tap, they can all use this without moving their boats..........Simples.

This is a very photographed boat, it has appeared in canal magazines and guides for years, one more picture wont hurt.

this season is fast becoming my favorite time of year.
I did at one time call this the teenager of the seasons because of all the mess it makes with the leaves etc.

Now I don't have to bother clearing up after it, it has turned out to be a very pleasant time.

Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug Chug............... Case proven.

That Fork Lift looks decidedly dodgy to me.
Don't worry me dear, a quick lift here and you will soon be back in the canal.

We are back at Rugby to pick up supplies as we have some friends coming to stay for a few days, this also proved a chance to give Ubique a good run after the fuel problem.

I'm more than glad to say she ran faultlessly all day.

Until next time...........................


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

What were the "boaters" who warned you about the storm expecting, Tornados and water spouts that they needed to stay tied up.

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Brian & Diana,

Probably, that and some three foot waves rolling down the canal.

Whatever the weather the bank is not far away.

Regards Chris & Debbie.