Thursday, 2 September 2010

Swarkestone To Burton Upon Trent Then Onto Alrewas.

A little bit of abuse at Burton.

Moving ever onwards in this glorious weather - which we are not wasting a second of -found us overnighting at Swarkestone. We are moving far too far in any one day but the sunshine is far to good to miss.

Entering Burton Upon Trent you cannot fail to be impressed by these murals under the bridge at Dallow Lane Lock, it is a shame that the local population of dark skinned abuse hurlers are not so appreciative of their canal and the people on it.

To be called "white trash" and "stinking gypsies" by these brain dead morons made my blood boil, when they threatened to come back at night and sink us we were armed to the teeth and very ready for them.
Luckily for us they didn't show or I might just be in a cell by now.

There is supposed to be a canal festival being held here next year, if the local tribe cannot be brought under control by then it might be worth a miss.

Off and away towards Alrewas again.

Negotiating bridge 36 which is no wider than a lock is always good for a -grease the sides- type of joke. Not all that funny unless you scrape the side and then it's, I told you so.

No such scraping occurred.

A Coot!
We don't see too many of these on the canals as they are more of a river and lake type of bird.
Hands up all those who know that famous Loch Ness monster picture.
Don't you think with a bit of jiggling that young bird on the left could well be it?

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