Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tuesday 24th February 09 Whilton Bottomlock to Blisworth Tunnel.

Our new adventure started here as we slipped quietly from our moorings these being the final ties to electricity etc that we are used to, This is like pulling a cork from a bottle, not much room in a marina!!
Half way out, hearts beating now.

Nearly there,

And pop!! onto the Grand Union London bound. Ubique steadied herself onto the centre line of the Canal with very little help from me and the good old BMC took up a very comforting chug.

The first bridge was soon upon us,

Taking the tiller so soon,

We had a great five hour cruise getting to know the boat, meeting people (we got overtaken by a walker) it felt more like a holiday than the start of our new lives.
A quiet mooring just shy of the Blisworth Tunnel (second longest in the country) is where we have stopped ready for the morning trip through. That should be good!!!

Joined for tea by a right white feathered poser.

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Mal, Tess & Grace said...

Not sure I'd let a women drive the boat Chris!! She might get better after 2 years!!!

It looks fab, you lucky buggers.

Take care