Thursday, 26 February 2009

Thursday 26 February 09. Cosgrove to Great Linford. 1 lock and an Aquaduct.

Late start today as I wanted to get a little bit of work done on the boat.
Slipped from our moorings about 12____ ish.

Another nice day "chugging" we are relaxing right into this slowly but surely.
Lots of this type of bridge along here, this one is in the middle of Milton Keynes, different world down on "the cut".

Passed over our first aquaduct just outside of Old Wolverton, Didn`t get too close to the edge though.

Now this is a good one!
Debs has started her new career as chief wood collector. The rule seems to be you can have it providing you dont chop it down. Okay by us as it is all free heating.

Passing Wolverton, the old and the new staring at each other.
Those luxury apartments are still under construction but there are people living in them already. The old warehouses are derelict.

Cosy fire waiting for us when we moor. That really is a pleasure that you have to do to appreciate it.

A very quirky thing this, it is a tiny tunnel under the canal leading to the pub.

Thats it for now teas ready.

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DREWFACE said...

Ha i bet each one of these took you about an hour to write! Still dont know what number i should be calling you on?? Enjoy the water, i'll be expecting a picture of a duck on the long boat thing next please. DREW!!!!!!