Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Wednesday 25th 09 Blisworth Tunnel to Cosgrove, 7 locks.

WOW! what a day this has been.
It started at 3am with the inverter screaming and shouting about the fact that the domestic batteries had dropped below 12 volts, this for a 12 volt battery bank is not allowed???.

The cause of this turned out to be an unconnected lead to the No1 alternator which had been spinning freely all day yesterday and doing nothing. Holiday time for that piece of equipment is now over.

We headed for the tunnel,

If you ever want to be in the wierdest place that you can imagine, go in there, it is pitch black, there is water pouring from the roof at regular intervals (Air Vents) and it takes nearly an hour to get through. Claustrophobia is not an option.

We left the tunnel and made our way to the first lock of seven going down hill. This was Debs first time doing locks and after a quick lesson she was off.

We have got loads of pictures for this day but we just can not get them to upload to this site tonight. We will try again as the "Dongle" might not be up to speed.

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