Monday, 19 July 2010

Moore To Little Leigh...ish Via The Runcorn Branch. 1 Stoplock And 1 Tunnel.

My Dongle can swim........can yours?

Yesterday was a day of lunacy at our mooring as boat after boat went past at silly speeds, where they were going or what they were doing is beyond me.
One Lewis Hamilton in his plastic racing boat actually caused waves to break all down the side of Ubique and subsequently knocked the Dongle aerial head first into the canal where it seemed to have drowned.

It refused to work from then on, and who can blame it?
But.........after a night drying on top of the engine it miraculously came back to life this morning and all was well again.

Sometimes you can make a difference.

This is the Nuclear Research Lab where we tried to moor last year and D got carted off to security. Full story here
This year, although not much of a threat to a terrorist, there are signs warning you to stay clear.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting to install these signs.

What do you mean a women just walked in here from her narrowboat?

She walked in and asked to moor...................Baaaaaldrick, we need a cunning plan.

We weren't going to go up there, but as we passed the entrance to the Runcorn Branch it looked too good to pass by. A deft bit of reversing and we were on our way.

An interesting couple of verandas in the guise of an old warehouse adorned these new builds.

Albeit they are nowhere near the canal you do get the general idea.

This bridge has the brickwork seamlessly moulded onto the rock base. Could this be done nowadays?...... I for one think not.

This branch of the canal has two very distinct halves, the lower section is all trees and large houses, where the upper section is mainly barbed and razor wire trying to protect the few boats moored along here.

This is the end of the line, rather aptly named Waterloo Bridge.
You have met your Waterloo.

Not fancying an overnight stop we moved back down and made our way through the Preston Brook tunnel and onto the Trent And Mersey.
This was along with seven, yes seven other boats doing exactly the same thing. The peacefulness of the Leeds Liverpool is now just a distant memory.

Note to BW.
Fix all the leaking gates and you wont have to rely on rainfall to fill and run your canal.

Until next time.........................



Sue said...

Yes my dongle can swim too, and it can do the breast stroke because it worked right away no need for any resuscitation!

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Sue,

Pretty hard wearing little things aren't they.

Regards Chris.

Heth said...

Leakages on the L&L, blowing the cover story of "it's the reservoirs fault" lol: