Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Marbury Country Park To Dane Valley.

A half day of dereliction then a bit of nature.

This is the old Lion Salt Works, open each day.

Or then again.... maybe not.

Some of this plant is still actually working, if not all of it. Those pipes are so corroded you would not run your central heating through them let alone what this plant must do.

Just a little wire fallen off the bridge, nothing to worry about just make sure you don't run into it that's all.

One of "lagoons" in this area caused by subsidence of the salt mines. It was known as a graveyard for old boats but most have been cleared over time leaving just this one.

The Conkers are well out as are some of the fruit bushes, if I could have stopped quickly enough we could have eaten our first ripe Blackberry today, an odd thought as the schools have only just closed for the summer.

Clover but no Bee, must be quicker next time.
I am trying to talk D into a new camera but if this old Box Brownie keeps churning out pictures like this I have got no chance.

Until next time.......................



Alf said...

Tere are in fact still other boats in the flashes, you can just make some out if you look on Google Earth. Many have been raised tho. !

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Alf,

I will go and have look at that.

Regards Chris.