Saturday, 31 July 2010

Kidsgrove To Milton On The Caldon Canal. 2 Locks, 1 Staircase And The Harecastle Tunnel. Then Onto The hazelhurst Junction On The Leek Branch, 6 Locks.

Eeee, there's nowt so queer as folk.......unless you are a Ginger escapee.

Moving on from Kidsgrove on Friday morning heading for another dose of the Harecastle tunnel, we passed the entrance/exit to the Maccalsfield canal with it's silly sign telling you to keep to the right.
Bearing in mind just where this bridge is on the waterways, you would have to be brain dead not to have worked that out by now.

Through the tunnel and into the "Potteries" where there are still quite a few of these Bottle Kilns standing.

Not too much further along and we were taking on another tank full of water under the watchful eye of James Brindleys statue here at Eturia.
 It very quickly turned into Piccadilly circus here as all of a sudden everyone needed to fill up for some reason or other, but we were first........... this time.

Away onto new territory again, this time onto the Caldon Canal. We did want to come up here last year but time was against us as we had to pick up some guests from Birmingham Airport.

The first thing the canal throws at you is this staircase lock which is quickly followed by some of the lowest bridges we have come across so far.

This sign made us laugh, share the locks where possible?

Unless you enter with another boat on the roof this just isn't happening around here.

We have fallen on our feet with this overnight spot, this is just one view, more to follow tomorrow.

Our ginger fur ball decided that she would have it away on her toes today, and where does she choose to do such a thing?... at a lock of course.
Where else could be more difficult?
She is a bad cat, a very bad cat.

What Moi..???

Until next time.......................



Jill and Graham said...

She is a very beautiful cat. We hope you enjoy your time on the Caldon as much as we did last year. Matilda Rose

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Jill and Graham,

We are "lapping" it up along here at the moment.

Regards Chris.