Thursday, 6 May 2010

Wistow To Kilby Bridge, 7 Locks. Then On To Leicester, 12 Locks.

This is not what we expected, but the night will reveal all..........

Wednesday, and we are moving ever closer to Leicester.

Its all down hill locking to Leicester from here. These locks are very, very heavy to work and most are in need of some repair. This is with all the paddles closed.

We reached Kilby Bridge visitor moorings in the late afternoon. We stopped here as this would be a good place to make an early morning assault on Leicester itself. We do these early morning starts when we are entering places we have had bad reports about.
After mooring up, the crew of the Narrowboat boat ahead came to see us about pairing up through the next set of locks into the City.
This makes things easier going, and there is also safety in numbers.

Off we all went at silly o'clock the next morning. Bacon sandwiches and coffee on the go today.
The rural countryside very soon gave way to,

Suburbia once again. Lots and lots of well kept gardens along here, and we can view them all!

The graffiti started to build up but it is nowhere near as bad as we have seen it. In fact the whole trip in was a very pleasant experience. Bits of excitement being huge unprotected Weirs such as this along the route.

Some very good advice here

Then around midday we were there. An entrance to the City as fine as anywhere else.

There are some gated and locked moorings near the West Bridge which were devoid of boats. Although the whole towpath side has rings, everyone seems to like locking themselves in to these other moorings. Them being vacant was a bit of a surprise to us.

A walk into the shops and we have settled in to see what all the fuss is about. It is a University City after all so a bit of noise and drunken revelry is to be expected.

Until next time..........................


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