Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Thorne To New Junction, Then Onto Whitley Lock. 4 Locks.

It ain't half hot mum........ and one of "Those" people!

Our neighbour at Thorne turned out to be one of those people who must let everyone in earshot know what they are doing and what they have done. There is one on every campsite we have visited but they are thankfully rare on the canals.
This one would not leave us alone, every time we went outside he was there. Yak, yak, yak, trying to eat breakfast, yak. Trying to do the crossword, yak. Trying to paint, yak.

It culminated with him finding an excuse to run his chainsaw on Sunday afternoon.
Sunday was a mad dogs and Englishmen type of day, it was so hot the Tarmac was melting on the roads yet this twit found the need to run his chainsaw for half an hour to use up the petrol in the tank which was getting............. smelly!!
He then ran his generator from seven until nine in the evening because he thought he might have a problem with the batteries.
The most annoying thing though was we could not move away from him as there was no other mooring to go to unless we went miles away, it was far to hot for that so we just had to stick it out.


Monday, and Thorne Lock had an interesting set up. This is the exit with the top gates open, that is the only way you can get the swing bridge to work as they are connected electronically, no open gates, no open bridge.

A quick turn onto the New Junction Canal found this guillotine gated aqueduct.
Let them eat cake, I just love Garlic, Berets are a fashion statement, bring on the onion sellers..... just don't let that gate go.

Half way across and there is a definite bow in the cassion allowing the water to cascade over the edge to the river below.
The New Junction was five and a half miles of arrow straightness interspersed by lift and swing bridges. I must admit I was nearly asleep by the time we reached the end.
It was like a long sea passage without the benefit of an Auto Pilot.

Tuesday and we are on the Aire & Calder Navigation, no let up from the "vanishing point" style of boating along here either.

A lock, a lock, my kingdom for a lock.

Theres one!... that's handy, lets get pushing some buttons.

Those huge walkways encroaching into the lock are a feature along here. They do make locking up interesting as you try desperately not to get the stern stuck under the things.

Hows this for being absolutely ridiculous...........

We are sitting here talking about lighting the fire as we have just been outside to watch one of the big boys go through and it is really, unbelievably cold out there.

What can you say???

Until next time............................


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