Saturday, 15 May 2010

Gunthorpe To Newark. 3 Locks.

A glide along the river with Cygnets at the end.

The River Trent has been a bit of an eye opener for us so far, wide open spaces, banks that seem to be miles away and us getting along quite a bit faster than normal.

That is until we were passed - as if we were standing still - by this canoeist. He certainly was going for it and was soon well out of sight.

The first lock of the day and the lock keeper (They are all manned along here) was doing his licence check, he took a very long look, a very very long look, then shouts down
Ubique? Ubique from Ripon?
Thats us says I, and yes that's where she came from, we have owned her for a year now.
I didn't think I had seen her last year and that would explain it.
A long chat later and we were on our way.

To take a step back......... for that lock keeper to recognise this boat amongst all the thousands of craft that must pass through these locks in a year he must have known the previous owner quite well.
That said, we are heading into what is uncharted territory for us, we are going to be thrown down a very tidal part of the river, with only one way out, Keadby. Miss that and we will be swept to the Humber.

Again lots of uncertainties for us, but it seems Ubique has done it all before.

The second lock of the day was showing the red light as we approached.
A short wait was upon us until it opened up and disgorged boat,

after boat,

after boat.
Five of these cruisers came forth from this lock, all apparently heading to the pubs and ice cream bistros of where we had just left.
This lock keeper observed that that is one very expensive way to go get an ice cream.

I liked him immediately.

We are not members so we couldn't ski off the back. I think I might write in and complain!

Dropping through the last lock we were in Newark, passing under what is left of their castle.
Even that looks solid though, a message of......don't even think about trying to get in here still lingers.

Moored for the day and we were visited by our first Cygnets of the season. A chance for one hasty, out of focus rubbishy snap before they were out of range.

Until next time.................................


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