Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Rugby To Hillmorton.
3 Locks.

The coal boat has arrived....... all hail the coal boat, we can be warm again!

After dumping a quarter of a tonne of coal on the roof and a nice chat, he was on his way again. This now meant that we could turn around and head back...mmmm......tomorrow will do.

Tomorrow does come because here it is and we have set off for Braunston with our tail between our legs. We are limping along trying not to put too much pressure on our leaking oil cooler.

I have sourced one though from a chandlers, who was at first apologetic that it would not be in for a couple of days, but then laughed when I told him nor would we, even though we are only five miles away.

Until next time........................


Graham & Jill Findlay said...

And I bet Ally was doing all the work while Ian had his hands in his pockets! Sorry to hear you have got problems. I wish I kew where that emu came from, no one believes me when I tall them!

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi Graham & Jill,

Ally had done the "Tesco Trot" at the time and their poor old dog howled every time Ian picked up a sack.
Must have been empathic!!

Regards Chris & Debbie.