Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Calcutt To Braunston, No Locks.

Two Anniversaries, Our Elastic Runs Out And A Breakfast Moocher Arrives.

The top lock at Calcutt was a cold and lonely place this Tuesday morning.
This was just about as far as we could get to in this direction before the elastic, that we seem to have attached to a ring back at Braunston, tightened, and started to pull us back there once again.

It was a bit of a red letter day though, as it was a year ago that we put the deposit down on Ubique, ultimately making her ours.
A year??? on earth can that have been a year ago?

There is also another anniversary to mark here, which we did. A bit of a strange day all in all.


A Little Place Called Flecknoe.

Here's our breakfast moocher.
This is the female, she managed to grab all the food on offer as the male wouldn't get out of the water.
D says she is clever and not as lazy as the male!
I say shes daft being that trusting, she could easily end up being the meal herself!

That bridge in the background is Flecknoe Bridge, which, to all intents and purposes looks to be absolutely in the middle of nowhere and very quiet.
Wrong, wrong and wrong again, this turned out to be a "Boy Racers" paradise for most of the late evening.

Oh well....... we live and learn!!

We are now all tucked up back alongside at Braunston ................again.

Until next time.........................

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