Thursday, 17 June 2010

Stockbridge To Skipton.

What a day that was.......

We were waiting at Stockbridge for the nice people at Calcutt Boats (BMC specialists) to send us, Poste Restante, some new fuel injectors. This they did with alacrity, we ordered them on Monday and they were here on Tuesday by one o'clock. That is good service, that is very good service.

I fitted them in the afternoon and we were all ready to set off on Wednesday morning for the test run.
The sun had it's hat on and the air was fantastically clear and clean as we set off to cover the ten miles to Skipton.

I am just going to let you get the idea of the trip from the pictures.....what a day!

It was a day where you felt you were lucky to be alive and traveling through Yorkshire on a narrowboat, as opposed to a working for a muppet type of day.



Until next time..............................


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