Sunday, 6 June 2010

Clarence Dock.

Nicotine patch more smoke for now.

Oh...... we just love the smell of diesel in the morning. Spanners and sockets were wielded with an urgency to find out what has gone wrong.

The injectors were caked up in a small way but the inlet holes were in serious need of a good clean. All back together again for a smokeless hour long run at the mooring.

Having not long put a card into the electricity point we are loathed to take Ubique out for a run and risk losing our spot and electricity to another boat, so we are going to hang on until it runs out before taking the test run.


Here's a slightly different way of putting things regarding being moored where we are:

You may find some enthusiastic students wending their way through the dock after a lively night out in the city.

Or you could say:

From eleven PM to four AM there is a continuous stream of shouting, swearing, screaming, singing, urinating and vomiting young drunks passing through the dock trying to find their way home.

It's not a bad mooring though.

Until next time............................


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