Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ellesmere, Day 40.

An escapee.......24 down to 23 boats.

Our little community is down by one today, NB Bendigedig made a break for Llangollen and got away.

Is it over?.........doubt it.

We, on the other hand, are changing to Plan "B" .
Plan "A" was to be down near Chester by now and therefore clear of the BW stoppages that are now in force. Plan "B" in real terms means we are stuck up here now until March........!
When you think about it, we only stopped here to go shopping. This must be the longest trip to Tesco's in history! 

Until next time......................



Anonymous said...

Oh here we go cc"s making excuses and useing the stopages so they can stay put. You two were bad enough last year at hargeaves br all the time. Only joking guys all the best nb william

Lisa said...

Was that picture taken today? Do you still have snow that deep? Here in mild Brighton we can't really imagine what its like way way up norff for you all. Well, just imagine how you will feel when you do move off where ever you choose on a new adventure...
Still enjoying your eye for a good shot, or is it your wife who takes the photos?
Take care on the ice,

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi NB William,

That nearly got me chuntering...... until I read to the end :)

Hi Lisa,

No snow now, I was just using that as a wondering if it is really all over.
It is me who takes the pics with my 4 megapixle box brownie. One day I will get a proper camera!

Regards Chris.