Friday, 27 August 2010

Mercia Marina To Cliff Wood, 2 Locks.

Why do they do this?

This is the aftermath of the idiot "driving" the beige coloured boat.
He has just hurtled out of the entrance/exit to Mercia marina straight into the path of the purple boat plodding along the canal.
No sound signals, no look out in the bows. just a "I am coming out and that is that" attitude.
Fair play to the purple boat as he just managed to stop, but even as he was squeezing past, the beige idiot was still driving on.
I do hope someone from the Marina can identify this twit and put him straight. 

Our first lock of the day..... and it was a wide one.
This was the slowest filling and emptying lock we have come across so far, that, with the addition of a few "Hire A Canalboat" hire boat crews just standing and staring at the gates and paddles made this a very long term exercise.
These crews are sent out with no instruction as to how to work a lock whatsoever and have to rely heavily on people like us.
The woman on the left back of this picture in the light blue, refused point blank to help them as she has been "caught out" before.

This, to me, is not the attitude............ Help don't hinder.

What an example of an old Bedford truck, probably towing the caravan to a vintage rally.

"Mind the gap"  lining at Swarkestone, not quite the average towpath.

What is this all about? don't drive half your car in the canal.
In this world of equality, I want to see a sign telling you not to drive half your Narrowboat on the road.

This part of the Trent And Mersey is flanked by a motorway type road on one side and a high speed rail link on the other.
Carefully choosing a spot that is the furthest distance from both of them for our overnight stop we were both in "smug mode" until the aircraft from the Midlands International airport started flying overhead.

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