Thursday, 26 August 2010

Burton Upon Trent To Mercia Marina, 1 Lock.

Dismal, dismal, dismal, that just about covers it.

Our mooring last night was dictated by the proximity of a bridge to the Brantano chain of footwear shops.
We had shoes to exchange and this was the closest point, as it turned out it was an expensive stop as we both bought our winter boots ready for the coming season.

The mooring also turned around and bit us as it was next to an all night lorry pick up/delivery point for one of the local brewery's.
I just love the sound of reversing alarms in the morning.

Canal picture with a bit of sun in it....... Lest we forget.

It did rain with a vengeance last night but slowed to a very fine drizzle this morning, you know the kind of rain, the stuff that gets you really wet. (Peter Kay again)

We had to move on as another sleepless beeping night was out of the question, much wetness later and we have pitched up outside of Mercia Marina.

This is a hot bed for hire craft leaving this afternoon, the wind is howling, the rain is falling, but this is their summer holiday, so with fixed grins and a steely look in their eye they are sallying forth to enjoy themselves........ as they must.

Until next time............................


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