Sunday, 25 April 2010

Whilton Marina To Norton Junction. 7 Locks.

Out with the flags, pop the corks and turn up the music........We are back on board.

Another van full of stuff somehow squeezed, liquidised and then packed into our long suffering good friends car, then we were off.

A scant few hours later Neil and Sharon had us back at Ubique. As soon as the luggage was aboard the engine was checked and started, all systems were brought back on line, and the ropes were off. The Marina was soon left far behind in our wake.

Next stop.............who cares? Anywhere will do on the canals.

Neil is definitely a natural at this, steering into an occupied double lock and not touching the sides or the other boat is not to be sniffed at.

A month away and everything is so green now. A far cry from when we left.

Not too friendly looking here, the fuse wasn't smoking though so it seemed safe to pass.

Theres always time for a beer in the cratch on a sunny day.

Thanks once again you two, see you soon.

Until next time.........................


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