Friday, 23 April 2010

Brick House, Day 27.

If you would like someone to strangle the moron at the end of this line.............
.......Please press six.

Back to the boat tomorrow, what a rollercoaster ride that was.

The house is now straight again, new tenants found and ready to move in. All that was left to do was cancel the Direct Debits and change the bills into the new name.

The day started well enough with a quick trip to the bank. The highly fragranced ball of face powder that was the teller, set her nail extensions to good use on the keyboard and ten minutes later all was cancelled and the world was a happy place.

It was all downhill from there on though.

The Gas, Electricity and Water companies....... no problem.
Council tax and TV Licence........Bit of a pain, but resolved after they held a hoop up for us and we repeatedly jumped through it until they were happy.

Then it came to cancelling our home Broadband package, 2 HOURS of mind numbing explanations to no less than SIX different..... "people"?? telling them over and over again, no we don't want to switch our account, no, we are not moving abroad, we are moving aboard our boat, no we don't want another package, no its not another house its a boat, and so it went on and on and on.

Back to sanity tomorrow.

Until next time...........................


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